ABOUT US – The Noteworthys



Noteworthy /ˈnōtˌwərT͟Hē/

interesting, significant, or unusual

What We Do

The Noteworthys is a new online platform where you can easily shop unique items made by emerging Canadian designers.

We believe made in Canada matters. The emerging design talent in Canada is incredible but their collections are hard to find. The Noteworthys exists to promote high-quality, Canadian design by helping next generation designers increase their online exposure and sell their collections online.

We feature a carefully curated collection of apparel and accessories that are made in Canada by homegrown talent. All collections are handmade and many are made from sustainable or upcycled materials.

To us, being Noteworthy means being unique, significant or unusual, but it also relates to following your passion to create a life you love living. It’s the mantra we live by.

How It Started

Nundini has always shared a passion for helping people, entrepreneurship, and fashion.

The idea for The Noteworthys was born after a friend announced that she wanted to launch her own fashion line. She confessed that she found it challenging to reach customers outside her network. Also, she preferred to focus on what she called "the fun stuff"—designing and creating—instead of tweeting her day away in an effort to promote her designs. 

As customers, we wanted to support local Canadian designers but didn't know where to find them. We also found that we were spending a lot of time sifting through overcrowded online marketplaces trying to find unique, high quality fashion items like hers. We set out to tackle these challenges and create a platform that connects amazing brands, people and products.

Fun Fact

If every one of us spent $100 more on local businesses instead of chain retailers, it would contribute an extra $3 million a year into our economy! That’s $0.27/day and proof that shopping locally IS affordable. (Added bonus: It also helps create more jobs for Canadians.)