Mary Young - The Noteworthys



The namesake line from designer Mary Young is a Canadian made lingerie and loungewear clothing line that understands the importance of fashionable yet comfortable clothing. MARY YOUNG offers garments that focus on comfort with the use of jersey, knit and soft elastics to encourage women to appreciate their natural shape. Unlike most lingerie and loungewear, MARY YOUNG is a lifestyle brand that allows comfort and freedom from restriction as each design is intended to move with one’s body and ultimately be pleasing to wear.
How did you get started?
Fashion was always a part of my life, I began sewing and knitting at a very young age. After completing a five piece women's lingerie and loungewear collection for my thesis at Ryerson University, I decided to pursue this collection and launched my self-titled clothing line in the summer of 2014.
What motivates you to work hard? 
My main motivation is to make a difference in fashion, the ability to encourage women to love themselves and feel confident in their clothing. The fashion industry, specifically with lingerie, sets unrealistic ideals for women and portray women as objects, not as humans. I aim to challenge these ideals set out for women, encouraging women to love themselves and feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.