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epoché designs

How did you get started? My interest in art and fashion started from a young age and grew naturally from watercolour kits to my mother teaching me how to use a sewing machine. This natural progression eventually led me to attending Parsons The New School for Design in New York City for Fashion Design. However, after a year I came to the realization that taking a direct path into fashion design wasn’t for me.

After leaving Parsons I enrolled into the Visual Arts program at Emily Carr University in Vancouver. In 2014 I found myself with a BFA in one hand and lump of uncertainty in the other. I felt torn between wanting to return to the practicality of fashion design while still wanting to evolve my artistic practice. Instead of deciding on one path, I became determined to merge the two fields together; this later became the catalyst for the creation of Epoché.
Describe your brand in one sentence. Epoché is a line of modern and sophisticated designed leather goods that allow for a sense of personal artistic expression to be infused into the everyday
What is the inspiration behind your designs/latest collection? Drawing inspiration from painting, printmaking, environmental design and studies in contemporary culture. epoché combines the principal Bauhaus methodologies with sustainable design and fine art practices, resulting in modern and sophisticated designed leather goods that are thoughtfully created and responsibly sourced. 
The screen-printed patterns for the current collection are inspired by the different places I have traveled to. The act of traveling greatly influences my artistic sensibilities, and dramatically shapes the way I view colours combinations and graphic elements.