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Fresh on the bloc

Posted: Nov 05 2015

We love localists and we admire those who pursue their passions. So, we were delighted to chat with founder Gloria about pursuing her passions and launching URBANEBLOC, a lifestyle blog that features the freshest things on the bloc!



What “noteworthy” means to her. Being known externally and internally for something. It’s a point of differentiation for yourself that’s authentic to you.

Career highlight. Shortly after joining a Toronto startup, the company was acquired and I moved to New York. It was amazing to be surrounded by people of such high calibre and New York has a lot of excitement, naturally. It came with a lot of personal growth.

On Moving. You learn and grow and change in a way that you might not be ready for. It’s extremely challenging, empowering, and necessary.

Good advice. You do you. Whatever happens is for the best.

What keeps her going through tough times? Knowing you can’t always lose. Brighter times are coming - you just don’t know it yet.

What’s next? Quite a few things are coming up in the next little while. Things are on the low-low for now but keep an eye out!

Her favourite Noteworthy picks.

Leather Clutch: New York City Print, Amethyst Stone Studs, Astra Broad Collar Body ChainLeather & Gold BraceletLeather Bucket Bag 


Epoché Clutch She's so Dolorous Jewelry  ASTRA BROAD COLLAR BODY CHAIN She's So  LEATHER & GOLD BRACELET Heather Hird Bucket Bag


For more, check out URBANEBLOC. PS. This is one of our favourite reads (who doesn’t want to live in Costa Rica!)

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