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Add a Bit Of "je ne sais quoi" To Your Life

Posted: Oct 04 2015

We adore fashion and lifestyle blogger Cee Fardoe of Coco & Vera and we are thrilled to share some of her thoughts and advice with you!

Cee Fardoe is a Canadian blogger who splits her time between Vancouver and Paris. She is a voracious reader, avid tea-drinker, insatiable wanderer and fashion lover who prefers to dress in black, white and gray.

What does the word noteworthy mean to you?
To me, noteworthy means distinct or distinguished; someone or something that is noteworthy has set themselves apart from others in a way that makes you want to pay attention.

What is the best advice you've ever received?
"Substance is more important than style." My parents taught me from the time I was very young that what you look like is less important than who you are and what you do; even if you love fashion, and I definitely do, it's important that fashion isn't where the story ends. Being a versatile, interesting person is far better than having the latest IT bag.


What helped you the get through your biggest challenge?

If you ever need a reminder that your life really isn't so tough, just pick up a newspaper. We are so fortunate living in North America, but life here is our normal, so it's easy to lose sight of that - we all do from time to time. A quick look at what's going on in the rest of the world is a great reminder that no challenge is insurmountable, because there are people all over the world struggling with and overcoming truly terrible things.

Your top 5 Noteworthy Must-Haves

The Asymmetric Shift Dress, Large Leather Tote, Silk Square Scarf " Time Spent On Earth Part 2"Hand-Folded Silver Paper, Mini Feathers Cami 



What are some cool things that you have experienced through blogging?
This list is pretty much endless. I went into blogging five years ago, before there were really any famous bloggers and when collaborations were only just beginning, so I had no expectations. I was amazed when I found I had readers! The fact that I now have the opportunity to regularly collaborate with brands I love, to attend store openings for brands I covet (Dior and Ted Baker, both of whom recently opened store in Vancouver recently, come to mind) and to meet amazing, talented people from all different interests still astounds me. Every day is full of new surprises and I love that.

Your favourite event in Vancouver and Paris.
The one event in Vancouver that I never miss is the Creme de la Creme wedding show. I've been married since 2010, but that doesn't matter - the show is always so beautiful that I never want to miss it. In Paris, I absolutely love the Journee Portes Ouvertes, a day when the city opens its doors, literally; it gives people a chance to see the inside of magnificent buildings that are normally closed to the public. I visited the Hotel de Ville a few years ago and it was as beautiful as any palace I've ever been to!

Your favourite Canadian bloggers.
I'm lucky to count a few bloggers among my dearest friends. I've been a huge fan of Style Calling and By the Shore for years - and their authors, Lyndi and Veronika, are also two of my best girls.


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