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Who-What-Where of Canadian Fashion

Posted: Jun 27 2015

We connected with one of our favourite Canadian fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Meaghan Elizabeth (Fashion Savage) to bring you her thoughts on emerging Canadian fashion! 

Based in Toronto, Canada, Fashion Savage reports on international fashion weeks, designer collaborations, fashion events, trends, industry news, beauty, and various lifestyle topics. Fashion Savage supports and features emerging Canadian designers.

Image: Che Rosales

Fashion event you cannot miss 

I absolutely love Arts and Fashion Week Toronto (FAT). FAT tends to be overlooked by the mainstream due to its unique approach. I think a lot of people in the industry don’t realize the creativity and effort each artist and designer puts into their work – it is incredible!

Editor's Note: The Noteworthys designer, Sera Ghadaki (below, bottom left), was featured in this year's Arts and Fashion Week 2015. (Image Fajo Magazine)


A good read. 


In addition to Fashion Savage (of course!), I enjoy reading styleblog.ca and graciecarroll.com. Nelia and Gracie are two Canadian influencers that I really admire. The quality of their work sets them apart from the others.


I read lots of fashion books for the Fashion Savage Book Club. I really enjoyed Robin Givhan’s The Battle of Versailles (Book Review here). Givhan, who is a Pultizer Prize winner, provides a well-researched and engaging account about a single night that changed the course of fashion history.


Talk to us about the Canadian fashion scene.

Likes: Discovering the massive amount of talent Canada has to offer – it is little-known and so under-appreciated!

Dislikes: The lack of opportunity – for fashion bloggers and designers alike. Our industry is small and is still in the process of establishing itself at the international level. We lack the large budgets and financial success experienced in established fashion capitals like New York and Paris. 

As someone who is interested and invested in the success of Canadian designers, I am always happy to come across others, like The Noteworthys, who have the same passion!

The Canadian consumer is….

more conservative when it comes to fashion. This makes it difficult for designers outside of the mainstream to achieve success - especially in the way of sales, since Canadians aren’t willing to take as many fashion risks.

Favourite Noteworthy designer

Mary Young. I met Mary at Toronto Fashion Incubator’s WMCFW Press and Buyers Brunch in March and fell in love with her lingerie line immediately. The fabrics are so soft and cozy. I want everything! I am also loving the versatility of the Tala Kamea pieces!

5 must-haves from The Noteworthys

Mary Young Contrast Bra                    Tala Kamea Tetra Crop Top                   Tala Kamea Egg Dress                    FoldIT Creations Hold-Folded Black           She's So Tibetan Quartz Ring 
(I love the Dalmatian Print)                                                                                                                                                                       Silver Origami Paper Crane Necklace 



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