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How to unplug and still stay connected

Posted: Jun 01 2015

By Dan Crawford

No matter who you are, we likely have one thing in common: our morning routines usually involve checking our phones before anything else. Time and time again we see articles and videos that tell us that our phones are holding us back from truly "living" and being happy. A little unplugging could do us some good.

We came across a couple of creators that are trying to help people lead happy (and noteworthy) lives and wanted to share their cool innovation with you!

Entrepreneurs, Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang have created the sleek and elegantly designed Light Phone which allows you to unplug your smartphone from time to time while ensuring that you don't miss any calls. The Light Phone connects to your smartphone but performs solely as a phone. The phone contains no browser, screen, or app capabilities but it's the size of a credit card and has a whopping 20-day battery life making it perfect for travelling light! 

So when you feel like unplugging for a bit, leave your smartphone at home and use your Light Phone instead so you can stay connected to your contacts while connecting with the world right in front of you.




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