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Modern Minimalism

Posted: May 21 2015

By Chris Zaghi

The early 90’s brought us the rise of grungey plaids and sweet pastel florals, but as the years passed, the modern woman needed a cleaner look. This was the birth of modern minimalism.

The cuts were simpler and the styles were straight to the point. Flash forward 20 years and minimalism is back. This time with a fresher, newer face. Gone are the days when white, black, and grey ruled the runway. The new face of minimalism isn't focused on the bleak and harsh aesthetic that the late 90s was so focused on.

The new minimalist wave is dominated by luxury. By the idea of less is more but in the most glamorous way possible. Every season for the past few years have seen models stomp down the runway in blunt silhouettes, from long floor length coats at Dior to pastry coloured pants suits at Prada.

New minimalism takes the idea that was planted back in the 90s and injects with over the top luxury. With bright pops of colour, simplified prints, and a big dose of attitude, minimalism came back with a roaring punch and everyone has taken notice. Brands have embraced the idea of luxurious minimalism, with over sized garments and simplistic silhouettes that seem to pay homage to what the late 90s gave birth to. 

Modern Minimalist - Tala Kamea


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